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Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment helps relieve an infection in the pulp of a tooth. This procedure becomes necessary when the internal chamber of a tooth is diseased or inflamed. Removal of the infected part of your tooth allows you to keep your natural tooth for as long as possible.

Causes of Pulp Infections
The enamel and dentin layers of your teeth generally protect the pulp from damage. However, a deep cavity may erode these layers and cause the pulp to become infected. An injury such as a crack or deep chip may also cause a pulp infection. Other injuries may also cause your tooth’s pulp to become diseased, even if there isn’t any visual evidence of damage.

Signs That a Root Canal Treatment Is Needed
When the pulp of your tooth is infected, you may experience a sudden onset of pain, making it difficult for you to chew. You may also have swelling and difficulty with jaw movement. These symptoms suggest that a root canal treatment is needed in order to protect you from losing the affected tooth.

How Root Canal Treatment Works
Your dentist will begin the root canal procedure by taking X-rays of your mouth, which will enable him or her to see the number, depth, and location of your tooth’s roots. You will receive a local anesthetic for the procedure. The dentist uses a drill to access the pulp chamber, and the infected pulp is removed. The interior chamber of your tooth is cleaned and sealed to prevent any new infections. A temporary crown is placed over your tooth to protect it, and your dentist will then take impressions to fit you for a permanent dental crown.

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